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Procurement Misconceptions

In Keith's latest article in Unicorn Weekly he shares some common misconceptions about the wonderful world of procurement!

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

In this episode Josh and Keith discuss why procurement is more than just buying things - in fact it can make or break your business!

Procurement Experts You Should Follow

In this Forbes Morocco article, Keith showcases his professional procurement background and talks about the groundbreaking Procurement Xcelerator™ scorecard!

The Success Mindset Show

In this Podcast, Keith chats to Gary B. Doherty from Think Network about his thoughts and ideas on mindset, success, procurement and a few other topics along the way!

How Well Do You Know Your Business? Establishing One Version Of The Truth

How well do you know your own business? Do you wish you had one version of the truth? In Keith's article in CEO Times he discusses this interesting topic, and offers a way to achieve it too.

Ever Heard Of The Butterfly Effect?

In Keith's latest article in FOX Daily Post, he applies this idea to business, focusing on the area of procurement – essentially how you get your supplies.

Is Your Business Ready To Take Centre Stage?

In this Fox Daily Post article, Keith compares the many striking similarities between the world of theatre and running a successful business.

Fox Impact Makers

In this Fox Daily Post special podcast, Keith talks about the impact he is making on the world of procurement and building materials, and shares his thoughts on being an entrepreneur.

The Power of Procurement

In this article, featured in the BMJ, Keith shares his ideas on how a greater focus on procurement could transform your business.

Putting Procurement on the Map

In this Fox Interviewer article, Keith shares his thoughts on the imbalance between sales and procurement, and how a robust and healthy procurement strategy can create happy customers and a happy team.

Adopting a High
Performance Mindset

In this Fox Daily article, Keith talks about what it means to adopt a high performance mindset, and how details and disciplines can play a key part.

Top 5 Client
Pain Points

In this article, Keith talks about a number of key problems that frequently come up when he works with clients, and some of the solutions he deploys to better understand and ultimately address them.

How To Fuel
Profitability & Growth

In this Podcast, Keith talks With Jane Bayler, The Smart Connector about How To Fuel Profitability & Growth In The UK Building Industry.

Sustainability Challenges For The
UK Construction Sector

In this Podcast, Keith talks to Humperdinck Jackman, Founder and Managing Director of ESG PRO, about the Sustainability challenges for the UK Construction Sector.

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