“Professional procurement consulting for businesses serious about making a material difference to their supply chain”

We work with businesses who are serious about investing in their supply chain. Why? We are professionals and want to help you win.

Leveraging 30+ years of procurement expertise we’ll unlock your hidden profit potential.

Whether you’re a business owner, leader, or entrepreneur, we simplify procurement without adding unnecessary complexity or costs.

Professional procurement consulting for businesses serious about making a material difference to their supply chain.

Our products include:



FREE procurement assessment

FREE personalised report

Takes just 2 minutes

Highlights strengths & weaknesses

Covers 3 core areas:

Your purchasing health

How you work with suppliers

Targets & objectives setting




Procurement Xcelerator Scorecard

Spend data assessment & recommendations

Supplier benchmarking process

Contracts and SLA templates

Category plan toolkit

Organisational model

Supplier management toolkit

Guaranteed matched ROI

From £15,000 + VAT



Procurement Xcelerator Scorecard

Procurement Xcelerator programme

Performance deep dive

Market & customer analysis

Range review model

Launch plan

Guaranteed matched ROI

From £25,000 + VAT

Meet Our Partners

We are a proud Service Member of the Builder's Merchants Federation, and are passionate about playing our role in their mission of "building excellence in materials supply."
The Build Chain connects contractors nationally to suppliers locally. Make procurement easy with The Build Chain. An easy-to-use online platform that transforms the process of hiring equipment and buying materials. The platform allows users to drive enquiries online - filtering by stock and location to ultimately save time and money. Whether you are a supplier or contractor, the digital dashboard makes it simple to source quotes, streamline enquiries, and expand your customer base.
Enable helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers turn rebates into a strategic growth engine. Enable's easy-to-use, collaborate, scalable rebate management platform lets you take control of your rebates, showing the influence and impact strategic rebate programs have on the company's growth, returns, and opportunities.
ESG PRO are the ESG and sustainability consultants who help organisations of every size to achieve their ESG, and sustainability reporting fast and efficiently. From carbon footprint reporting to corporate governance, clients across the UK are turning to ESG PRO because their ESG and sustainability consultants are the best in the industry.

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